Do you have problems or excuses?

Do you have problems or excuses?

There is a very fine line to identify we have a problem or we are just throwing an excuse.

Problems are something which stops us from getting where we want to. They are like Speed Breakers, which you have to put effort and overcome.

This can be done either via consistent effort of seeking help from an expert.

Problems teach you new way of thinking and behaving. You’ve to learn new skills to solve a problem.

For example if you want to go on holidays but if you don’t have enough money, that is a problem. That is something you need to overcome. You need to either start saving more or earning more. Eventually if you work consistently you’ll be able to overcome your problem.

Excuses are something which we use to avoid things. Mainly when things are challenging (not problematic) we start throwing excuses.

The excuses help us keep safe in the comfort zone. Excuses help us not fail because they stop us from trying new or challenging things.

I hear excuses all the time as part of my coaching and mainly from my Weight Loss Challenge participants.

They say I’m too busy and I don’t have time for exercise. Once we start going through their day, they start realising that they are just giving excuses and not having real problem. They would prefer to sit down and watch TV or gossip but not go for run.

Problems are created when we have lack of resources to achieve our goals. Excuses are resources to keep us comfortable.

If time is your problem, here are three blog posts I recommend you to read and improve your time management.

So next time you do not do thing which is important to you, ask yourself

“Do I lack resources or Do I want to stay comfortable?”

Mrugank Patel