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How do we achieve it?

Take the Online Character Strength Survey and get your comprehensive Character Strengths Report (sample below). Start using the full measure of your 24 character strengths for a closer understanding of your core personality.

The Survey only measures your good character, for instance qualities such as: love, kindness, fairness, zest and hope. Research shows that people who know and utilize their unique strengths have stronger relationships, find more engagement in their work, and lead happier, more fulfilling lives.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”transparent” up=”7″ down=”38″][vc_column_text]

What is Character Strength?

Think of character strengths as personality muscles in that some are stronger and more developed, while others are…not so much. Knowing your strengths and limitations helps you focus on making the best of who you are—to truly do what you can do best, while improving in other areas.

Only by being aware of these different personality “muscles” and how they work individually and with each other can you develop into a stronger “you”. Knowing how and when to flex these strengths—that’s also important. Because when you understand this better, you’ll be in better contact with yourself and others.

The Assessment report will help you recognize and exert your strengths in different ways, to move you closer to being the happiest, best “you” possible. It’s time to shift focus far away from what’s wrong to what’s strong.

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Strength Based Approach Is

  • Honest—viewing yourself for who you are, not the way others want you to be
  • Positive—helping you remember to focus on what is good and strong in you, rather than your problems and weaknesses
  • Empowering—offering you a boost of encouragement,whenever you need it
  • Energizing—giving you the fuel you need to keep you on top of your game
  • Connective—helping you build healthy relationships with friends, family and other important people in your life

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What People Say..

  • “I purchased the report for my son who has learning disabilities. We went through the report together and his eyes lit up as we talked through his highest strengths. I had not seen that much pride in his face in a long time.”
  • The Youth Decoder Report provides a thorough overview of a child’s strengths- written in a fun and engaging way. My students loved getting them. I plan to spend even more time on VIA strengths next year.”
  • “My favorite part of the Decoder Report is the section on suggested books, movies and songs that relate to my top strengths.” 

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What do I get?

Besides Happiness and Peak Performance you will get following

  • A 20 page comprehensive report measuring your 24 core strengths.
  • Tips and Tricks to Flex your strengths.
  • Explanation of What a strength Means?
  • Explanation of Why the strength matters?
  • BONUS: Parent or Personal Guide to help you, better understand your results and the information contained in the Report.
  • 45 Minutes Consultation to put the report in action.

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Take Your Life to Next Level

In 3 Simple Steps

  1. Register Below and Take the Test.
  2. Get a Free Basic Report of Your Character Strength.
  3. Drop an email to contact@manageyourmind.co to get instruction on how to get your 20 page comprehensive report, 45 Minute Online Consultation and Strength Guide.

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Are you ready to make the best investment of your life?
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*Still not sure or have a question, Please contact us.

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