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Through a comprehensive journey of self-discovery and practical exercises, you will learn to harness the power of your mind to lead a more fulfilling life.

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The course is divided into four key modules, each day is focusing on an exercise which is essential aspects for personal growth and mental well-being.

Through the dedicated module on self-awareness, you will gain a deeper understanding of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This heightened self-awareness will enable you to identify and break free from limiting patterns, leading to improved decision-making and a greater sense of self-confidence.



  • Day 1 – Self Awareness: What & Why?
  • Day 2 – What Are Values? What Are Your Values?
  • Day 3 – Your SWOT: Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats
  • Day 4 – I do my best when…
  • Day 5 – Your Core Beliefs
  • Day 6 – Describe Yourself

The mindfulness module will teach you techniques to stay present in the moment, fostering a clearer and more focused mind. As you practice mindfulness regularly, you’ll find yourself better able to concentrate, improve productivity, and experience a greater sense of peace in your daily life.

  • Day 7 – Mindfulness: What & Why?
  • Day 8 – Mindfulness: How?
  • Day 9 – Breathing Mindfulness Practice
  • Day 10 – Check Your Emotion
  • Day 11 – Mindful Activities
  • Day 12 – Two Activities to Manage Stressful Situation.

The stress management techniques taught in the course will empower you to effectively cope with life’s challenges. You’ll learn practical tools to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and cultivate resilience, allowing you to face difficult situations with composure and a positive outlook.

  • Day 13 – Stress: What It Is & Causes
  • Day 14 – The Types of Stress
  • Day 15 – Stress Causing Thinking Patterns.
  • Day 16 – Tips For Managing Stress.
  • Day 17 – Create Distance From Stressful Thoughts.
  • Day 18 – Things You can Control.
  • Day 19 – 5 Tips to Manage Overthinking.
  • Day 20 – Power Ups Toolbox

With the setting and achieving goals module, you’ll develop the skills to set realistic and achievable objectives. Learn to break down your aspirations into actionable steps, stay motivated, and track your progress. This will lead to a greater likelihood of achieving your dreams and experiencing success in various aspects of your life.

  • Day 21 – Basics of Goals
  • Day 22 – SMART Goals
  • Day 23 – The Behaviour Map
  • Day 24 – The Bulls Eye
  • Day 25 – Strategies to Stick to Goal

This module will empower you to cultivate lasting happiness from within and enrich every aspect of your life. The practices are scientifically proven to improve happiness.

  • Day 26 – The Happy Habits
  • Day 27 – Happiness Practices
  • Day 28 – Three Good Things
  • Day 29 – Gratitude by Elimination
  • Day 30 – The Year Plan
  • Day 31 – Thank You !

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