Want to take gym membership this year? Read this first.

Here’s my one advice to those who are going to sign-up for Gym membership, with a resolution to becoming leaner and fitter.

It’s great to have a resolution to focus on your health although research suggest.

  • A 2007 study by Richard Wiseman from the University of Bristol involving 3,000 people showed that 88% of those who set New Year resolutions fail, despite the fact that 52% of the study’s participants were confident of success at the beginning. (Source Wikipedia)

From Opinion Research Group

  • 45% of Americans usually set New Year’s Resolutions; 17% infrequently set resolutions; 38% absolutely never set resolutions.
  • Only 8% of people are always successful in achieving their resolutions.
  • 19% achieve their resolutions every other year.
  • 49% have infrequent success.
  • 24% (one in four people) NEVER succeed and have failed on every resolution every year. That means that 3 out of 4 people almost never succeed.
  • Of those who do set resolutions (these add to more than 100% because some people set multiple resolutions):
    34% set resolutions related to money
    38% set resolutions related to weight
    47% set resolutions related to self-improvement or education
    31% set resolutions related to relationships
  • It appears that the younger you are, the more likely you are to achieve your resolutions:
    39% of those in their twenties achieve their resolutions every year or every other year
    Less than 15% of those over 50 achieve their resolutions every year or every other year

Also when you join the gym membership, take the minimum amount of time (a month or two). Yes, it will be expensive compared to a 6 month or 12 month membership but research suggests in the long run it is cheaper

A study by the American Economic Review that surveyed nearly 8,000 members over a three year period found gym-goers who paid per visit, rather than paying monthly, saved an average of $600.

So to sum up and save your hard earned money, I would suggest first build a healthy habit. Train your brain to do something small. You can simply start walking for 20 minutes a day. Just get out and walk. If you do this for at least 20 days out of 30 in a month, go join Gym.

If you like to know science backed tips to keep your resolution beyond a week, read this.

Mrugank Patel