don’t stress,


Reduce stress and worry.

Break self-defeating habits.

Improve performance and find joy in your work.

Build satisfying relationships.

Improve self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Don’t Postpone Joy.

About MYM

Manage Your Mind Consultancy is providing psychological well-being services to Individuals, Groups and Organisations. At MYM we utilise scientifically supported approaches to personal and professional development. We follow our AWE process described below to transform lives.


Our awareness is mostly in past or future. Train your attention to live in the present moment.


Stop struggling with your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Learn to put difficulties aside.


Identify what you care about and create a meaningful life around that. Learn to walk the talk.

Our Services


Counselling & Coaching

Convenient, confidential and affordable Counselling & Coaching for individuals which helps them create desired life.


Workshops & Programs

Our group training programs are designed to increase productivity, innovation and overall well-being.


Online Courses

Interactive online courses takes you step-by-step to build mental fitness at your own pace, in your own time.

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I am Mrugank and,

I want to help you learn mind skills to eliminate obstacles, gain clarity, set goals and achieve your dreams.

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