Where do I use my skill?

Where do I use my skills?

In which profession can I use my good oratory skills?

I was asked this question on one of the Forum I follow. And the response to the question is below.

This GOOD ORATORY SKILLS, depends on the context and content. What you speak and where?

First thing, I suggest you need to identify/clarify is –

  • Is this skill adding value to anyone’s life? (Do you speak with substance or like politicians you just talk as they’ve been given time to speak)
  • How did you define you’ve good oratory skills? (Did you get feedback from your clients/unknown people or family/friends?)
  • What area of life, you’ve this best oratory skills?

By asking these questions, hopefully you will find, your right profession.

As others suggested it can be used in any field but make sure you are adding value when you speak.

Simply put – every skill, every word, every action should have right context and content to add value to people. Without this no one will like you or what you do.

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Mrugank Patel