Want to reduce anxiety & negative thoughts? Songify it.

As human beings we are lucky to have the smartest minds on earth, although it’s not helpful to us many times.

  • 47% of the day we do mind wandering
  • Almost half of our thoughts are negative

So how do we manage this unhelpful, life draining thoughts?

Songify by Smule is one of the ways to manage it. The below technique will reduce your anxiety and negative thoughts on the go.

Some of the most common unhelpful thoughts my clients come up with are

  • I am afraid of talking to people
  • Whether this person will like me or not
  • What will this person think about me
  • I believe that I’m not confident

I put this thoughts into Songify and it sounds like this

The underlying principle is that singing your thoughts separates you from their meaning. You don’t believe in the thought and don’t take life draining actions.

By telling yourself not to think about something, “you’re increasing the number of thoughts that remind you of it.”

Instead, it’s better to treat them just like you would a silly, meaningless song. They exist, but they have little bearing on your life.

Mrugank Patel