Suggestions for Tagline and Blog Name

I’ve just started this blog and luckily I got my hands on book “31 Days to Building a Better Blog.” 

It talks about importance of tag line and blog name. After thinking about both I’ve come up with following

Blog Name – The Rational Helper
Tag Line – for the seeker & dysfunctional souls

Reason behind this choice

I’ll be mainly writing around following theme
    • helpful information for others
    • productivity, simplification tips
    • analyse information and put logical view…(not take things for granted, analyse it and explain what real deal is)
    • interesting stuff (Technology, Science, entertainment, random thoughts)

The keywords I chose because i think it achieves the content, I’m going to provide…

Rational – Information will be logically filtered
Helper – Information will be (almost) always be helpful to the reader
Seeker – For the people who would like to learn and are in search of new information (like me)
Dysfunctional – we all are dysfunctional in one or another area of life. I read a lot about improving productivity, simplification etc…I will be putting my thoughts on the blog so it will help other dysfunctional souls (like me).

Before I change the current title and tag line I’ll appreciate your views & thoughts.

No suggestion is too silly 🙂
Mrugank Patel