A simple formula to create the life you desire.

What is the best way to create the life you desire? That’s what I’ve been searching and reading about lately. There are lots of suggestions and advice out there. I wouldn’t say It’s good or bad but some fits with my perspective and belief system, some not.

As we are talking about desired life, the fundamental challenge we have is our desires change. They change due to jobs, relationships, family, politics and so many other things…Having life which you desire is not constant, it varies as you grow and circumstance change.

So having one definition of desired life is bit of a challenge for me personally. As mentioned above, desires change.

So I looked into something which is constant with me, my own values and what matters most to me. This started making sense to me and helped me come up with my own little formula/steps/process whatever you call it.

So the way to create my desired life, I’m doing small and simple things daily. Daily is the key word. Desired life is not a goal (which can be ticked off), it’s a constant process of experiencing.

My daily desired life

  • 1 hour of writing
  • 1 hour of reading
  • 3 hour with kids
  • 1 hour of exercise
  • 2 hour of helping people

Have I been doing this daily with consistency? Mostly yes but I fail at times. Life or Work gets in the way and at times I have to either reduce or remove few of the activities. That’s Okay though, if I’m able to have 4 out of 7 days of the week like my desired life. I’m happy.

I don’t burn or doubt my abilities when I don’t follow the things I want, It’s self-compassion. But I try to follow and do the things which matters to me.

How are you going to create the life you desire? I think the better question would be, How are you going to experience the life you desire?

If you are not clear what your values are and what matters, get in touch and we’ll create your desired experience. Book your free session.

Mrugank Patel