Manage Your Mind (Free)

This 31 day, daily email based course will give you skills to overcome day to day challenges and live a meaningful life. This eCourse is skill based training rather than just education. In the first email, you’ll get 31 day worksheet to complete one simple task every day. The skills can be helpful for a wide range of life circumstances, it’s a flexible framework.

A Framework to Achieve Meaningful Success

Learn psychological skills of Mindfulness, Willingness & Values to achieve lasting happiness and satisfactory success.Break self-defeating habits and develop self-acceptance.Improve performance and find fulfilment in your work.Build deeper, more satisfying relationships. (Get 70% off for limited time)

Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management for Stress-Free Results

A step by step guide for students and professionals to achieve productivity and work-life balance. Do you find yourself overloaded with work? Feel you can’t set priorities? Exhaust yourself daily without accomplishing something meaningful? Learn tips, tricks and techniques to manage your day, week and month to achieve stress free life.

Weight Loss: 55 Science Backed Tips and How To Implement It.

Losing weight is easy but keeping it off and staying healthy is really hard. This is a unique, powerful, eCourse for well-being and weight loss. And unlike all the other weight loss approaches out there, we have collected good scientific evidence that this tips works.(Get 86% off for limited time)