This eCourse Will Help You Live a Happier Life.

  • Do you feel overpowered by life’s challenges?
  • Do you want to improve quality of your life?
  • Is the fear of failure pulling you down?
  • Are you looking to make life more joyful?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this online course is just for you!

What is in it?

We’ve gathered techniques from Behaviour Science to give you more clarity, compassion and consistency in life. 

This eCourse is skill based training rather than just education. In the first email, you’ll get 31 day worksheet to complete one simple task every day.

The skills can be helpful for a wide range of life circumstances, it’s a flexible framework.

But I don’t have time….

The tasks are designed in a way to fit into your busy life. Just few minutes a day will put you on the path to more fulfilling and meaningful life. There are hacks and tips to find time for the things you love.

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This is how the days unfold…….

Day 1 - Self Awareness: What & Why?

Day 2 - What Are Values? What Are Your Values?

Day 3 - Your SWOT: Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats

Day 4 - I do my best when...

Day 5 – Your Core Beliefs

Day 6 – Describe Yourself

Day 7 – Mindfulness: What & Why?

Day 8 – Mindfulness: How?

Day 9 – Breathing Mindfulness Practice

Day 10 – Check Your Emotion

Day 11 – Mindful Activities

Day 12 – Two Activities to Manage Stressful Situation

Day 13 – Stress: What It Is & Causes

Day 14 – Effect Of Stress On Body

Day 15 – Stress Causing Thinking Patterns

Day 16 – Tips For Managing Stress

Day 17 – Create Distance From Stressful Thoughts

Day 18 – Don’t Manage Stress

Day 19 – Watch a Video

Day 20 – Stress Relief Toolbox

Day 21 - SET GOALS without room for failure

Day 22 – Getting Clearer on Goals

Day 23 – Goals: Rewards & Restrictions

Day 24 – Define Tools For Sticking To Your Goals

Day 25 - Stack New Habits

Day 26 - Making Room For Difficult Thoughts

Day 27 – Suffering: How Much?

Day 28 – Go For Glory.

Day 29 – Three Good Things

Day 30 – A Quote

Day 31 – Do Me A Favour, Please

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Let me assure you, you’ll find some gems once you sign up. If you stay open minded and diligently practice the skills taught, you can achieve some amazing results.I use these techniques daily to stay sane and proactive 🙂

Cheers – MP

(Executive Coach & Psychotherapist)

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