Is Tony Robbins’ life coaching a worthwhile investment?

My answer to Is Tony Robbins' life coaching a worthwhile investment?

Answer by Mrugank Patel:

Thanks for A2A.

Is it worthwhile, May be.

I do not believe in Motivational Speeches/Speakers as Motivation is hard to sustain for long time. For any change to happen you need constant intervention, support and accountability.

The group also promises doubling sales in a year.

If they can provide you with this guarantee, you are in safe hands. Go with specific numbers you are achieving now and put a ball-park range where they could get you.

Below is the way I choose my coaching or learning:

  • What am I trying to achieve? (Be very specific)
  • What time-frame I’ve?
  • Is there someone, who has done what I’m trying to achieve?
    • Can I seek their help?
    • Learn how they’ve done it?
  • Do I need more knowledge to achieve the goal or I’m just lacking
    • time
    • resources (Financial, man power etc…)
    • motivation/inspiration

Good luck !!!


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Is Tony Robbins' life coaching a worthwhile investment?

Mrugank Patel