How do I successfully make changes for a healthy lifestyle?

My answer to How do I successfully make changes for a healthy lifestyle?

Answer by Mrugank Patel:

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Few things I would suggest being an professional who helps people change behaviour/habits.

  • Which one is the biggest/first priority from the list? You’ve a long list of things you would like to stop doing.
  • Describe the damaging effect your target habit has on the body. In other words, provide evidence as to why it is important for you to change this specific behaviour (what it has cost you in past/now?).
  • How much do you believe you can change? On scale of 1 to 10 (super confident)
    • Belief is at the core of modifying many habit loops and plays a critical role in habit change. For habit change to be permanent, people must believe change is possible.Studies show that people must believe in their capacity to change and that things will get better to achieve more permanent habit change. Groups can have a powerful effect on belief by providing shared experiences and opportunities for people to publicly commit to change.
  • Some statistics on smoking for you, hope it gives you some relief
    • Among all current U.S. adult cigarette smokers, nearly 7 out of every 10 (68.8%) reported in 2010 that they wanted to quit completely. And statistics suggests it takes around 6 attempts to quit smoking.
    • A UK surveys show that about two-thirds of current smokers would like to stop smoking but only about 30%-40% make a quit attempt in a given year.
  • Find out from the 5 key barriers of change, which one is the strongest for you
    • Lack of time and too many commitments.
    • Inconsistency with taking action.
    • Procrastination and laziness.
    • Self-doubt and lack of confidence.
    • Lack of clarity.
  • If you want get in touch with me and I’ll share my Habits eBook.
  • Seek support from a coach/therapist for behaviour change (yours truly, can assist. Sorry shameless marketing)

Good luck with your changes.



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How do I successfully make changes for a healthy lifestyle?

Mrugank Patel