Best of Web – 27th Feb 2016

What I learned?

The research on worries is for sure true. The worries of running a full day workshop, ” Will I have stamina for full day?”, ” Will they have energy till last hour?”, ” Will they like the concept and activities?” all those mind chatter and scary talks did not come true.

All went well and without any glitch. Here is research on worry:

  • 85%of what subjects worried about never happened
  • 15% that did happen,
    • 79% of subjects discovered either they could handle the difficulty better than expected, or the difficulty taught them a lesson worth learning.
  • 97% of what you worry over is not much more than a fearful mind.

What I am Proud Of?

The Ultimate You Challenge:

Best of Web – 27th Feb 2016

Reclaim Your Attention

An attention charter is a document that lists the general reasons that you’ll allow for someone or something to lay claim to your time and attention. For each reason, it then describes under what conditions and for what quantities you’ll permit this commitment.

Best Exercise for Brain

Interesting study but I say the best is what you do regularly with love. The one makes you sweat and feel sweet.

Move it baby.

The bad news is that exercise isn’t enough. You also have to stop sitting around when you’re not exercising. It turns out that sedentary behavior — defined as anything that takes less than 1.5 METs of effort — increases the risk of cardiovascular disease even if a person gets enough exercise.

Video of the Week – 27th Feb 2016

A message on enabling people to stop smoking. It was pretty funny all the way but the 11 Minute message is really impactful.

Mrugank Patel