Best of Web – 20th Feb 2016

What I learned?

Been a great week from productivity point of view. I’m running my Stop Struggling, Start Thriving full day workshop. I’m nervously excited about that as there is some exciting bunch of people. I’ve spent hours preparing the slides and worksheet but always there is something I wanted to change. May be I’ve OCD. While doing the slides and handout I learned perfection is a myth and perspective. You will never be perfect, it’s work in progress.

What I am Proud Of?

Best of Web – 20th Feb 2016

What if Schools Taught Kindness?

Students who went through the curriculum showed more empathy and kindness and a greater ability to calm themselves down when they felt upset, according to teachers’ ratings. I’m planning to get trained in the curriculum.

Larry Page, Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey how they felt starting their companies. Their answers caught me off guard.

They all felt the same fear of failure that the rest of us do. They just responded to it differently. When most of us fear failure, we walk away from our boldest ideas.

Want to stop Procrastination? Here is simple answer.

This study investigates antecedents of procrastination, the tendency to delay the initiation or completion of work activities. The simple fix to start moving is really surprising and everyone can do it.

Patience is The Wrong Word (3 Minute Video)

A Zen master explained that patience is the wrong word, because when you’re being patient, it’s as if you’re waiting for something better to happen. Often when I’m being “patient” I’m really grasping, wanting something else.

Want to be happier at work and find meaning?

What you need to do is have that (pay) at a baseline level that people can be satisfied with it, and then these social factors like how meaningful their work is, how well they get along with their coworkers -- these things play a much larger role,

How to Fortify Yourself Against Fear and Misfortune? (Must Read)

a man of timeless wisdom on how to stretch life’s shortness by living wide rather than long — took this point to its exquisite extreme in a letter to his friend Lucilius Junior.

Mrugank Patel