A simple question to get more out of life

What I recommend?

Been working with this lovely girl, who after putting substantial amount of effort failed in her Company Secretary (CS) Exam (2nd time). After her Bachelors she has spend almost 4 years pushing herself to attain the degree.

While talking to her I discovered, there was no interest to do CS. She never wanted to do work in a corporate environment. The whole thing was due to social pressure and not knowing what she really wanted to do after her Bachelors. There was no guidance so she just followed the standard way of education.

The words she had was – “Now I’ve only Bachelor’s degree, which is no use and also the 4 years was wasted. My life is wasted so far.”

I asked her so if you see your life of 21 years, what have you done for yourself? Something which was only for your well-being. Everything she did was for others or by others direction. At the age of 21 she was not able to tell me – which things gets her most excited and makes her feel good?

Definitely, there is pain of not achieving what she wants and I didn’t try to tell to get over it using some motivational talk. What I suggested her to spend just 10 minutes doing something which brings smile to your face. Something which makes you feel good at the end of the day. Something only done for you, we don’t spend 10 minutes out of 1440 minutes of day for ourselves.

This is really the state of affairs for everyone (me included), we keep going through the rut without taking pause for the most important person on the planet ‘I’.

So ask this question before you get out of bed:

  • What one thing I’ll do for myself? Something will make life worth living.

Don’t become selfish though 🙂

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Mrugank Patel