5 Life Benefits of Time Management

Since last few days, I’ve not been very productive. What I mean by productive is – I’ve not made progress which I wanted in my eCourse, Webinars and Writing.

Things gone nuts because I’m a parent and the schools have holidays…:) The kids are at home and they need constant attention if they are not given iPads. If they have their gadgets they’ll not worry about entire world falling apart.

My routine of exercise, writing, reading, video recording all of that has gone haywire. The fundamental challenge is that I’ve not been able to do proper time planning. Because my goals and targets are not achieved, I’m feeling frustrated. As there was schedule of school pick up & drop off, I was able to go full throttle during the time they were not around.

As I keep searching for serenity, I have thought about following benefits of better time management or routine.

  1. Less Stress: With a routine, you are set before you begin your day. You know when to do what. What are the important tasks for the day, you would have prioritized them depending on the impact/urgency. Your weekly goals are set and everyday you are moving towards it. Everything just flows without too much cognitive effort. When plans are in place, stress is reduced.
  2. Get More Done: With better time management, you have clarity about what is on your to-do list. You can better manage your workload, thus getting more things done. Also not getting disturbed by the distractions as you’ve a set things to do.
  3. Less Wasted Time: When you don’t have a routine or a set tasks, you will be wasting time on things which does not matter. Many people come to me saying I waste too much time on Facebook. When I ask, what is your day looks like? They do not have answers. When we don’t have a structure, we become like fire fighters. We go anywhere and everywhere there is fire. Without structure we create lots of our own fires.
  4. Less Conflicts: Have you ever missed an appointment or important date because you were not prepared? You forgot to bring those flowers on a special occasion? By not managing your time and tasks, we create conflicts. Avoid creating your own problems by planning and preparing for your day. Bad time management causes relationship conflicts.
  5. Boost Confidence and Trust: As we’ve seen you get more things done with time management, this boosts your confidence. As you cross the to-do list task, the motivation increases to take another challenge. The added benefit of managing your time well, you will be known as reliable. Someone who will do what they have said.

What other benefits you’ve experienced of good time management?

Mrugank Patel